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Getting things done.

this is something i am not good at!  haha

learning how to organize your internet is vital. i am an avid bookmarker! using the GTD sysem is vital in today’s internet world.  you can also use your own PLE to organize your web environment!

i think what garrett said about GTD system is important! you should really think about yourself before you organize your web environment to get a better feel for how your PLE can effect your methods of organization!

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pocasting? vodcasting?

podcasting is just like a radio except it plays the same group of songs over and over…just radio… and vodcasting is just like a tv channel that plays the same group of videos or shows over again…

the article used pictures to help describe podcasting and how to use it.

even teachers can use podcasting to help teach college students.

Itunes is the most popular podcast/vodcast  aggregator available.

this link displays list of popular podcasts

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This week in IMDF i would really like to learn how to do wikis. i don’t understand the concept at all since i have never used or even seen one being used… in this area of the web i will be learning from scratch.

about our personal weblog, i have had this personal web blog for a little while and its pretty personal because it is my illustrations which reflect another part of me that i don’t typically share to just anyone.

here’s a link to it! enjoy!!

there will be two more posts Monday morning so check back up then!

i am also subscribed to a travel blog called and thats super nice cause i loove to travel and i lived in germany for three years in which i traveled allot!  Also, which allows me to track what my friends are doing online.. spokeo can allow me to veiw any blog my friends subscribe to or any site that they type their name into at all. from myspace to flickr i can see what my friends are up to web wise! Another blog that i have is here, and this is simply a blog that i put my essays for writing 1 on. well one so far. gimme a break! i can only do so much writing!! lol! this is a blog and its really simple too. i like the look of tumblr and blogspot alot better than wordpress, but wordpress is easier to navigate.

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P.L.E. Articles/Research

This first site that caught my attention was in fact a personal blog called The Bamboo Project. Not only did this blog give me the ability to see another persons personal learning style and views on the subject, but I was also able to access other thought organizing sites that I didn’t even know existed. Below is a list of the sites that I have explored as well as what I thought about them!

Mindomo is ingeniously put together. Basically the website is a on-line software that allows you to create web diagrams of your thoughts! For example, before I write an essay I usually create a web with the main idea and sub-ideas included, also quick notes and important details about the essay I’m going to write. That is exactly what Mindomo is except its typed. Mindomo allows you to go to sites and copy quick notes and jot them down into the web diagram. I signed up for Mindomo because in some aspects of my personal learning style it will be incredibly useful to me. If you are the type of person who learns via writing or chronology then I highly recommend this program!

Work Hack is different. This site is incredibly simple, so simple actually, you will wonder if that is all. Well, that is pretty much all. WorkHack is a site dedicated to simplicity and also organization. One of the best aspects of the site is that you don’t even need to register or sign up. WorkHack is a To-Do-List site or pretty much a white board. I really love the simplicity of this one and it allows me to mark the importance of the tasks-to-be-done via color coding.

Diigo is a neat site allowing the user to get an account and organize their thoughts via “sticky notes” as if the World Wide Web were a textbook that one could write in. This is a neat site to put together your thoughts on an article and come back to it and read what you wrote for future reference.

Tumblr is just a blogging site I found while browsing. This Blog site is just a cleaner easier feeling and looking site than most blogs and definitely nicer than MySpace! I have signed up for this one as well an over all it is very clean and crisp and simple!

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Personal Learning Environment

This article was hard to follow but I think the gist of it was explaining why it is important to learn and teach yourself. This article expresses the different styles of self learning and the different areas covered. A very technical read, this post has sparked my attention.

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Web 2.0

“Let’s get a few things clear right off the bat:

  • Web 2.0 does not have anything to do with Internet2*
  • It is not a new and improved internet network operating on a separate backbone
  • And lastly, it is OK if you’ve heard the term and nodded in recognition, without having the faintest idea of what it really means.”                        -Site of origin*

I strongly agree that what O’Reilly did with Web 2.0 was what the world was asking–pleading!–for. Despite the shortcomings that went along with the new internet style (ie. porn, gambling, spam, pop-ups and viruses), Web 2.0 has thrived. Google, Yahoo!, MySpace, Facebook and thousands more have taken full advantage of this new aspect of editable, blog-able and people-to-people internet.

Internet2|Site of origin


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